NFT Portfolio

Your NFT Portfolio can be accessed by clicking on the "NFTs" page from the side menu and allows you to:

  1. See the value of your nfts across wallets and networks.

  2. See the total number of nfts across your wallets and networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my nft missing media? We were unable to fetch metadata for the nft or the media is no longer available for the nft.

Q: How accurate is the price data? The price feeds are refreshed every hour.

Q: What does low value mean? Nfts in your portfolio lesser than $1 in floor price are considered low value.

Q: Why do some of nfts have floor prices and some do not? We refresh pricing information for the 1000 collections on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base and top 100 collections on Solana based on their rankings such as volume, floor price, etc.

Q: Why does my nft not show up on Opensea / MagicEden? The nft collection may have been delisted from Opensea / MagicEden for not meeting the platform policies. However, you still own the nft but may need to view it on a different marketplace or block explorer / wallet.

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