Token Portfolio

Your token portfolio can be accessed by clicking on the "Tokens" page from the side menu. You may use it to:

  1. See the value of your tokens across your wallets and networks.

  2. See the total number of tokens across your wallets and networks.

  3. Get a breakdown of token balances across networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I see a breakdown of a token? Simply click on a token in the portfolio to see the breakdown of it across supported networks.

Q: How accurate is the price data? The price feeds refresh once every hour.

Q: What does low value mean? Tokens in your portfolio lesser than $1 in held value are considered low value.

Q: Why do some of my tokens have no price? In cases where we have no prices for a token, we are unable to find a price feed for it or the token may be fairly recent with little volume/marketcap/activity.

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